princessmarshmallow whispered: I think Dafotology was inquiring about that animated thing you did with Rough Draft recently, and how he said "I'm sorry anon, but... you're a faggot..."

Oh, I see. Well, it isn’t being directed to anybody in particular. If anything, the idea came to me while I was on Ponychan, so that’s why it’s as vulgar as it is.

dafotology whispered: yo what the shit with the gay slur?

I don’t really get what you’re asking.

b00mt00b whispered: According to various sites and a bit on Huion's website, it says that Turcom ablets don't really support WIndows 8. They were designed to work with 200, XP, and more than likely 7, but 8 isn't. So, here's the bottomline; Downgrade to 7 or change to a tablet that's adaptable to WIndows 8?

Ugh. Well, I really REALLY don’t want to downgrade. Guess I’ll need to fish around for a new tablet then.

Well, I managed to get my tablet to work, but the pressure sensitivity isn’t responding. Any help would be super rad.

And I’m not going to revert to Windows 7 unless absolutely positively required.

Can anyone help, by chance? I’m just about at my wits’ end with this.

I’m currently running Windows 8.1 as my OS, and neither SAI or my Turcom tablet will seem to work correctly. When I boot SAI, it doesn’t register my pen movements at all, and only when SAI is the active window.

I’ve tried installing/reinstalling and all that. I can only think that Windows 8.1 might be interfering with things, but I can’t be sure. Any insight on this would be extremely helpful.

b00mt00b whispered: To be precise, open up the Wacom Tablet Properties and you'll see the interface. Then find the Sai tab and remove and re-add. Would probably help to have a bit more detail on what the issue is.

Well, I’m running on Windows 8.1, and it’s a Turcom tablet. When I open SAI, the tablet stops registering mouse movement completely. If I minimize Sai it works fine.

I believe me having Windows 8.1 might be the underlying cause, though.

It may be your tablet go to tablet preferences and click remove

Not sure that I follow, but I’ll give it a shot later.

Well, SAI is being dumb with my tablet driver and Window’s 8.1. Until I download a different program, or SAI fixes itself (or someone has an answer for me), I’m going to play TF2.